Searching for a more relaxed team

Looking for a team that doesn’t threaten to boot you if the min isn’t met. I play everyday.

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How much do you normally score in a week, or this period so far? You might be interested in joining “Going Up” - all we ask is that you post if you are going to be unavailable for a while, and try max all Tribute quests.

Check out our what’s your name" team. We are fairly new and want people who are active every day and that Chat !

We are very low key at trumpsters. I am SueFT thd leader.

Try Perilous Peaks, we need good steady players

We’d be happy to have you at “Family Ties”!

In witnzprotection our only requirement is 80 tributes per week. We’re in gold league and usually get 5 perks. I’m the leader, free2bme.

Play 4 fun the team for you

We are a new team, 6000 cp.50 Tributes. Give us a try pumpkin 21

Dine no stress no pressure we are rebuilding. Lost most good players to strong teams an a few deaths.

I am starting a new team from scratch with my hubby and grandson.

The important stipulation we will have is COMMUNICATING.

To stay on the team it is important to use chat function to advise your strategy. Fo ex. Play at Least one set of tiki games Daily if possible.

Once tikis completed say that club quest is maxed.

I am not a social chatter on line mainly as I never know what to say lol but basic COMMUNICATION skills works well to help liaise with what resources the group has.

When completing the gem tournament all we expect is to only dig one hole at a time and tag team with others. Every game where this has been applied we have come first or second. When people use more than one hole at a time we came last every time but once where we came second last!

Let me know if you and anyone else would like to join. It will just be us 3 and new peeps until we get a relaxed team who still does well.

We also believe that sometimes people need to adult and may not always be available to play the tournaments. That is OK, just use chat function to let us know what’s happening.

The chat function is used daily and is a good way for team members to plan.