Seahorse Streak

How is everyone finding the Seahorse Streak game?

I am collecting information and making notes for my club for strategy and am interested in hearing from everyone else what they think of it.


Everyone hasn’t gotten it yet, still in the testing stage and will be availlable depending on how many participates. I read that it can be costly too.

I love it! What information are you collecting thetongukid? What strategies would you use? Am I missing something? All the games are free, not like that wretched gold-digging comp, the points get added to my total, not like that wretched gold digging comp.


From my experience playing it,
The games are free! And give club points to the team , so play your free games and hope for the best .
I don’t use boosters I just play. The more people from the team that play the more rewards you will get.
Or course if you force wins and streaks like they want you to you will in turn spend more then you profit, which is not good.
So I say just play it don’t use boosters.

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To me, Seahorse Streak is very similar to saving the Tiki’s, but it is a team event not a solo event.

I like that the plays are free, and you can play about 3 times a day if you play first thing when you wake up and before you go to bed.

My biggest struggle as a leader is not having my team burn their coins by buying more cards or burn through their boosters. For me the point of this event is to play for free and earn as a team, not spend more as a team. You earn seahorses as long as you play for free, no need to buy more cards or use boosters if it is free. Maybe a wild card if you have plentiful stock of them and want to complete a level to get 3 bonus seahorses.
The rewards are similar to saving the tiki’s, lower level boosters or rewards and slowly climbs.

The biggest advantage is the yellow stars so those who have reached level 180 and have the yellow star chest its much more advantageous. We will see if the developers make the bonus 5th chest available during this event.


Well mine keeps crashing - so now i hate it

I hate it. The play is free but it is very difficult to win games without using boosters and more cards, many, many more cards. And at that I have never gotten more than 9 seahorses on a win.

Jaz_Draper, 9 is the most you can get on a win. You can get up to 3 seahorses if you fill the streak meter then your win is x3 for a max of 9 per game.

My question for you all is, yeah, the games are free but why only hundreds of coins much like tiki skies level 1. Yet when you want to win and need more cards it costs 3k coins. Shouldn’t more cards cost in the hundreds too? And club points…around 96 is all I ever seem to get on a winning game and 6 on a loss with no streaks. I Find it not a lot of help club point-wise.

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