Scavenger hunt to get wilds

I do not think this is a very fun way to get wilds. Some levels that say they have kings have no kings and it’s a waste of time. Please do not let this in the game it’s a big fail :-1:t3::-1:t3::-1:t3:
It ads to the frustration of the game and does nothing to increase the enjoyment.


I like the challenge myself


I’m finding it very frustrating as I’ve completed all the released levels and the Scavenger Hunt keeps taking me to an unreleased level.

If that wasn’t happening I wouldn’t mind the game. But it means I can’t earn any Kings…


Didn’t like it. Its too much like playing for tributes. You’re involved in just playing the games for the scavenger hunt that you cant play For tributes or any other quests.


I totally agree!!! I don’t want to advance as I have a hard time winning those games when they are required for tributes and team points!

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I did not like the kings scavenger hunt to collect 100,000 coins for 7 wilds as I agree it felt like work rather than being fun because I couldn’t choose the islands that I wanted to play. However, I had the hunt today with collecting 240 diamonds and enjoyed it.

I’m not a quitter but I gave up playing this and will never play it again. It’s all about taking our coins for very little return. It doesn’t add anything to the game except frustration which is not why we play.


Everyone who tried this new feature and didn’t like it, should write to support and give your feedback. That’s why they have testers!

In the game, tap on your profile pic (top left corner) then Help, then Contact us at the bottom of the screen.

I agree for the little amount of cards took way to many coins

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this is 2nd time I’ve been picked for the scavenger hunt and I hate it, get rid of it please as while you are selected for this you can’t play event quests. I have several players on my team who all think like me, this is not a good inclusion to the game.


My teammates agree with you. It was an exercise in frustration. Took way too much time and cost way too many coins. Go back to the old format.


I do not like the Scavenger Hunts. They take too many points and too much time for the rewards that are offered. There was 1 Scavenger hunt that was impossible to complete. The Hunt for Kings is awful too. Several of the games that have the Scavenger hunt icon on them did not have any Kings to find .


Speaking for myself, I won’t be playing the Scavenger Hunts anymore. I have figured out that you can find the “Hunt” levels by looking in the Island Map, but frankly, it is way too difficult, and just gets frustrating. I work full time and am busy in the evenings often. It’s impossible to do the scavenger hunts in a limited time period, unless perhaps you had unlimited Wilds and unlimited Coins.

This “perk” is actually taking away from my enjoyment of the game as a whole, and I may even drop the whole game.

This is not at all a fun game, the amounts required are far too high.

I understand the frustration of how many coins it takes, however the game owners are here to make money and want you to buy more. I think it is fun to go to other places…before I would just go to the cheapest levels and play those over and over to get the most out of the quest. Not really that enjoyable except the reward was better. The idea is to play the game…if you get something out of it…great! Just enjoy!


How many times do players have to complain in the forum with VALID REASONS why it needs to go away!

Listen to your players!

Hate it and most of my team now dont bother. LISTEN to us for once, at the very least keep it to once weekly. Today second day running Scavenger hunt - waste of time our team aren’t gonna play ball - we will have more fun ignoring this manipulation!