Scavenger Hunt Tester

I was a tester for the Scavenger Hunt on two separate pick 3 quests. The day before, I had played the match game and had 50 Free plays, 15 wilds, and countless boosters. After 2 scavenger hunts, all of it was gone! I had to collect 3x more than pretty much everyone else, most of the symbols were on games that cost 3,000, the payout was smaller and it took all day. At least if you are asking for that much more, pay us for the extra hard work. slso, Maybe Give US An Opt Out That Will Give US The Same OPTION everyone else gets. It felt like I was being punished. The whole time, I was just sliding down the leader board because everyone else had already collected. I think all of the testers should get a huge special gift for each time we were subjected to that torture. Please don’t add this as a regular feature or maybe as low us to play the pick 3 regular while we are playing c the scavenger hunt.


@Wendy_Titmus, I would suggest providing this feedback in the game, then it is linked to your account. If you are unfamiliar with where it’s located, click on your pic in the top left corner of the screen, then click HELP and CONTACT US.


Mine isn’t working. I have to go into my history page to find tri-peaks. And I’ve told them at least 3 ×’s about their help button not working. And I’ve been cheated out of alot of coins in the quest, this was why I tried to contact them, and they only payed back one time and ignored me the rest. Between being cheated out of earned coins and the rip off new coin sharing scheme my coins have been disappearing fast. I’ve already informed GSN that I won’t buy anything from them and the steps they’re taking to change the game to force more players to buy in order to play is actually a sad step into corporate greed. It takes so much from a game that was sooo much fun to play at one time. Less payouts, cheated out of coins in quest, more coins to complete a game, triple to quadruple same card in game, the list goes on to what they’ve changed or made more difficult to increase coin usage. I’ve had to leave a couple of great teams because of not having enough coins to acquire the necessary points in order to stay and do my fair share. I don’t have extra money to waste on virtual items when it is touted on google play as a game that can be played without having to spend money. This USE to be true- not anymore. I’ve noticed (even if GSN hasn’t) alot of players have left and unlike this game. Tri-peaks popularity is fading fast.

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@Vickey_Lunsford, I’m so sorry you’re having those problems. I’ve found most things positive, but haven’t had the problems you’re describing. Another way to contact the game is through their email at Maybe that will help you.


@Wendy_Titmus yes! I’ve tested it twice now and completely agree! Such a low reward that took too many coins, boosters and wilds to finish. I didn’t even bother trying the 2nd time and I certainly won’t a 3rd time. That has to be a gimmick to try to get you to buy stuff.