Sandy Bottom Team

This is a message for my team leader Sandy-Mo from Sandy Bottom. My game crashed and on reinstalling I cannot get back into the club, even though I can see my name is still there.

@PEP, is Sandy’s game logged in through FB or Apple ID?

I don’t know, how can I find out?

The only way I can think of is to ask Sandy

Thanks you CindyLu, but I don’t know how to contact her, I was hoping she would see my post n the forum.

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Oh, I get it now @PEP! I’m sorry, I thought you meant you were asking that question for Sandy!

So your game crashed, oh no! Do you have an android or Apple? We’re you signed in through FB or Apple ID?

I have a Apple iPad, but I’m not sure how I was signed in as I joined years ago, and I just usually tap the App and I’m in. I think I will be kicked out tomorrow at reset, so hopefully I’ll be able to rejoin after that. I still seem to be a member if the ream at the moment, but the App says I’m not! Thanks for all your help.

@PEP, the only wayto rejoin the team if it’s you were previously logged in though either FB or Apple ID.

Were you able to get back into the game?

Then, if you were, have you tried to sign in? Go to your profile pic, top left corner, then Accounts, then Sign in

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