Saddest part of 2020

I’m writing to let you know how hard it was to lose so many people this year.
Hardest part is knowing that although they may not be here physically they are here spiritually. Some we lost to covid-19 some were lost to cancer some were lost to violence some were lost to medical complications. Although loss of any kind can put stress on us this holiday season and throughout the years I will say this much we have to move forward because I know I don’t want a repeat of 2020.

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The saddest part about 2020 for me is not being able to see anyone. Especially my gram. She’s so sickly as it is and covid has made it so dangerous to be around her that nobody goes to see her. She’s 80 years old and to hear her cry on the phone how much she misses us, knowing that I may never see her again absolutely breaks my heart. She can’t handle the social distancing. She needs us and the devastation that everyone in the elderly community is going through is just so horrible the tears, the sadness, it is more than my poor heart can take. I shatter more and more the longer this goes on. Her mind gets more and more lost each day that passes, and I am absolutely terrified that one of these days she’s not going to answer that phone and I’m going to have to go there to find my gram n pappy gone. That would be more than I could ever bare. I need them. I love them more than they could ever know. God please let covid heal soon.

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I hear you all.
I had both of my parents in the Covid Unit in November.
Then they transferred my father to the Covid ICU.
I was unable to go see my parents at all due to being HIGH RISK. They were also 750 miles from me as well.
They had FaceTime, but how do you FaceTime someone in ICU.
I LOST MY DAD TO COVID November 22, 2020.

We did not bury him until February 25, 2021.
This was due to availability at Arlington National Cemetery.

My Mom is better now.
The grieving has calm down.
Not too much crying but fond memories.

I miss my father dearly.
So when you say goodbye to any of your friends or family, tell them how you fell.

It might be the last thing you say to them.

God Speed
Love thy Neighbor