"Rowdy Rebels" needs 3 to 4 consistent players

Aloha all! :wave::hugs:
Our awesome team “Rowdy Rebels” is still looking :eyes: for 3-4 solid players to complete our family at reset. We are a drama free and consistent Platinum team, I promise. We also LOVE to laugh and have fun :wink:
Our requirements are :

  • Min 2k & 25 Trib before 1st idle
  • Must MAX “CLUB QUESTS” - as a team we decide if we are going to skip certain ones
  • PLAY 20k CPs and 200 tiki WEEKLY~apprx 25/tri & 3k cp per day
  • STAY ON PERK - perk order is 1-2-6-5-3-4 and we usually also get the Special 7th perk every week
  • 24hr idle MAX
  • NO “GUESTS” - must have a game name
    *CHAT - very important to let us know if you will be away, or miss the CQ, if you maxed or just to tell us all about your day. :wink:
    *DIG COMP - we have a certain way to dig as a team, and that is why chat is so important.
    *FB TEAM GROUP - we have a team FB group and sometimes chat in messenger to make it easier than game chat.
  • we are invite only, so if you are interested please add a comment below with your game name and we will add you!

Come check us out!

Hi. I’m Barbzd. I love this game and need a new club. My club was platinum, then became obsessed with the competitions. (IMO they are fun but do not payoff unless everyone plays together…now we don’t get the perks or club quests and fell to gold league) I would love a club that is fun, perks first, club quests then the competition. I do between 25,000-45,000+ Per week. I play everyday.

Come check us out! We would love to have you. We are by request only, so send an invite. :wink: