Rokos powerups, Split card isn't split!

Who ever programmed the split card powerup, please fix it! A split card gives you a choice between 2 different cards, say an Ace and a 2! Not a 2 and a 2! Please fix!!


That is what a split card is actually. You have a choice as to which card to pull from the table [could help in your streak]; If you had a King then you’ll be able to continue, but if the split had 2, then you would not have been able to get that King. The diffent suits also helps, perhaps you need a heart, but not a spade.

I understand the premise of the split card, but 2 2s, 2 kings or 2 7s, no matter the suit, does not give you choice, just the next higher or lower card. A 7/king card gives you 2, ace, 6, 8. A 7/7 card gives you 6, 8. no real choice!

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Depending on the level, the suit might help the player, like myself.