Rewards for Top 3 Players

How about offering a reward or prize for top 3 players of each club at event end each week? This would give players an incentive to be in the top 3 and the whole club benefits. There’s friendly competition, more points scored, improved club rank, and more perks at event end.


Yes, my thoughts exactly! I also like the idea of the person who earns the point that completes the perk to get a small reward, like a free play or something, for the same reason. Might even encourage people to keep playing when we are close to completing it.


I actually like the idea of the reward for those that complete the perk, moreso then the top three. There are many reasons why people end up in the top three. Some actually buy coins in order to stay there and others cannot afford it. I think the more equitable thing would be to reward the person that completes the perk. Same amount of competition if not more and people would have an incentive to complete a perk.

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Even if they buy coins, they still have to take the time to play and spend those coins to earn all those points. Giving them a small reward for providing such a big benefit to their team would be a nice gesture and I believe would provide additional incentive to team members, resulting in the entire team benefitting from earning perks sooner. I see no negative to this suggestion whatsoever and think it would be a simple - and smart - move for Tripeaks to make.


I don’t like a reward for the person completing the perk. One person could contribute much more to the perk, and someone else comes on and wins 1 game that gets the perk. It’s a team effort, and it doesn’t mean the person completing it had very much to do with it. Maybe reward the person who contributed most to the perk?


I agree with you… There r those who will sit back and wait and jump in just b4 a perk is completed and there may be those who play on a constant basis and wouldn’t complete the perk.

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Totally agree - the one who “completes” a perk is a luck of the draw. Just saw today where three of us worked for hours to achieve a perk, someone new came on and started playing and happened to be the one that pushed the team over the mark. Others “congratulated” this person, which really ticked us off! Rewarding this would only lead to team animosity, pitting team members against each other, which seems counter to the concept of a Club. And I agree, people will wait to jump in until we’re close to getting the perk for the chance of getting the “reward.”