Rewards for ranking within your own club

I think it would add some competitive fun if there was some extra tiered bonus for landing in the top 10, 5, or 3 spots in your club…

Could just be some free coins (5, 10, 20k) or gems or something… doesn’t have to be insane, but enough to push people to fight for their spots and generally promote more participation


@Bobby_Allen love this idea little incentive goes a long way


Yes! I mentioned this in a FB post. It would definitely benefit my club.

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Fantastic idea would be great to get free coins for this

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I read something quite a while back and was under the impression that they were going to start awarding the top 3 contributers to a club. I had watched for it but it has never come to be. : (

Yes, it would be very :+1:t2:

Agree! What’s the point of noting the top 3 if they don’t get anything special? Top 3-5 should get a special gift, maybe extra coins or an extra chest. I say this as someone who almost never is in the very top in my club, but I think it would be nice for those who do more than their share of the work.