Rewards for Quests

Our club is having to do a quest of 88,000 club points for TWO wild cards. Really, that is ridiculous. Club points are hard to get as it is but to have to get that much for two wild cards is just stupid.

It’s really 88000 for up 50 wild cards, 4000 for 2 or 3520 if all 25 players participate. So it’s not quite as bad and this would theoretically be in addition to whatever else you are working on. From my perspective it’s the easiest of the 22 player quests regardless of the reward.

The sad part is the group I’m in had a lot of people that work and don’t always have the time to play so a lot of the time, these quests don’t get done. It’s another reason Tri-Peaks should allow the last hour of a quest to the entire group to play.

sounds like it’s time to find a new club