Reward top three players

As a leader it would be nice to reward the top 3 players each week. I know this has been brought up before just want some ideas. By rewarding the top 3 means that each week you will have more encouragement to reach the top 3. Let us as leaders pick gifts accordingly.


So agree. I think though that rewards should be an extra chest 1st place -ancient chest, 2nd - gold chest, 3rd- wood chest.


I totally agree with this. It’s an incentive for the team members to be in the top. Please consider this!


Nice reward for people who love to play

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Totally agree with this. It tends to be the same 3/4 plsyers every week in my team and it would be great to reward them.

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I agree!, but would be happy with just 1 of them!

Totally agree I have submitted that idea several times.