Responding to a thread

I can’t figure out how to join in and respond on a thread. The only option I see is to respond to another members response. Seems odd to be directing my comments or answers as a response to someone else’s comment or answer. I have searched all the forum use topics and threads and can’t find the answer. Feeling silly for not knowing how to use these forums.


Hi @Melicious, I know the forum takes a bit to get used to. That’s an excellent question! The little gray button that says Reply directly under a post, will reply to a person. If you scroll down a little more, you’ll see a green button that says Reply. That reply button will be directed to the thread in general.

If you look for the Forum category, subcategory: How to use this forum, you’ll find tutorials. There is one on posting here.

Forum Help - Posting a New Topic, or Posting to an existing Topic

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! Now I can go get a little more active in the forum.


@GracieLynn you helped a ton! Thank you so much. Is there a way to follow you or add you to a list so I can find you again if I have more questions?

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Thank you @Melicious! :blush:

You (and anyone here) can tap on my @GracieLynn name, choose message, and ask questions anytime! Or better yet, if you post a question as a new topic, others can benefit from the answer (if I have one anyway LOL). :slight_smile:

Happy posting!

Great question @Melicious ! Thanks @GracieLynn for helping.


Thanks for this interesting information!