Removing inactive clubs and players

I think that if a club has been inactive for over a year it should be removed. That would help clear up the over abundance of clubs you see when searching clubs. The same could be done for inactive players but maybe give them a longer time frame like two years.


I agree there. I was trying to sort thru clubs last night and what a job that was! Maybe it isn’t as hard on a PC but on my phone?! Forget about it! :joy: lol I tend to feel that if people haven’t played in 3-6 months, they probably aren’t going to come back. Maybe make them inactive at 6 months and delete them after a year? Or archive them until they answer an email or something? Idk just a thought. Clubs are made and left to die a lonely death so that should definitely be dealt with! Thanks for bringing this up! Hopefully tripeaks actually reads it!!!


I have really never understood why clubs with no one playing continue to exist? I do think from a stats perspective that Tripeaks can inform potential advertisers that they have 50,000 clubs with 1.2 milion potential consumers. Sounds good, anyway.