Removed members coming back even tho Invite only

Several times I’ve removed members only to have them rejoin, how is that possible when I’ve set the club to invite only?
They just join on back with no approval or anything

I am stumped! Once you have set the club to invite only that should eliminate the problem, send a ticket in while you are on the game by clicking your profile picture and than click the help button scroll to still need help and follow the steps from there

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I have. They said my club was set the public, which it is not so I have sent them now screenshots and I’m waiting to hear back

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Maybe if they were invited before they can still come back…? I’ve had the same thing happen, but the member was invited before so I assumed that was why. I’d like to know if that’s the reason, or if it’s a glitch. Best of luck!

They can’t answer me why, just told me to leave the club set to invite only and not change it back… That’s not a really good answer to me.
Now players coming back with their points intact, they also can’t answer but have sent that to the devs apparently :confused: