It has become CLEAR that the people that have been PUT into positions are NOT there by election BY the people, and most importantly FOR the people!!
Therefore the puppet dictator in charge and those puppet masters who are profiting OFF of “WE THE PEOPLE” , via taxes, monopolies within our economic infrastructure, as well as through foreign enterprises they have set up & are benefitting FROM their positions of power, clearly are using said powers, aforementioned monies, specifically OUR TAXES in ways we do NOT agree to, that go AGAINST our FAITH, our MORALS & our beliefs. OUR TAXES being given to PAY FOR ABORTIONS, WITHOUT OUR SAY, just for ONE!! This said, they do NOT “represent” “WE THE PEOPLE” & “WE THE PEOPLE” REVOKE the power from them to COLLECT SAID TAXES, we also REVOKE Their positions, living NO benefits to follow their departure from each positions ’ they leave! ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

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