Relaxed club looking for new members

Sisters N Brothers is a relaxed club. No minimum. We ask that you use Facebook messenger, not be dormant for more then two days without letting the leader or co-leaders know. We complete perks 1 thru 5 and the volcano perk when it comes around and we are at gold level. We know this is a game and everyone has lives. So if we sound like a good fit for you please send me a message on FB messenger. Thank you!!!


I would love to leave my current club because there are only 4 active players. The leader has been in active for a YEAR! S

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In rebuild mode Tiki Go Getters
23k a week… Come and help us out!

This is a post from November for me to recruit players to my club…if you would like to recruit players please do it on your own thread. Thanks.

I would like to be in you join this club I just started too play every one can need a friend and good recripes Thanks Doris

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately we have filled all our open spots. I could keep your information for when we have another opening of you would like.

Hi Doris!!! I was just notified that one of our players is leaving… I have Sent several invites to people that are interested in joining our club. I need the name of your current club in order to send you a invite. Unfortunately I only have one spot so whoever accepts the invite 1st will get that spot. Hope you see this soon.:blush:

My club is bulldog I do not play very well but do play all the time unless family needs me

Thanks for letting me know…however the space filled the day I sent you that message, but you are next on my list for any future openings. When I looked at all the club’s named bulldog I did not see a Doris, do you use another name??? I use Jewelannie when I play.

Ok Doris, I have a opening…you said your club name was bulldog, but I could not find a Doris to send a invite. Just so you know you must play daily, even if it’s just for a few minutes and we play the perks in order. If you are using Guest you will need to change that to a name…I use Jewelannie so it doesn’t have to be your name. Let me know if this works for you. Thanks