Relax & Unwind looking for new team players!

Relax & Unwind is looking for a couple of dedicated players. We are a Diamond League and have Goldie by Saturday! We always complete all perks and the extra one as well.
Digging is optional but must play if you qualify.
Message me if interested or if you have any questions! Ute Bopp Thomas

I need a new club ASAP I do a minimum of 10k and at least 100 tribs a week. I play every day. Some days .ire than otgers but I do complete cqs and love to chat. I need to leave my current club FAST as we didn’t even get 1 perk last week which I think is really weird because my points alone should make at least 1 perk.
I’ve been playing for around 3 years and am currently playing in the prehistoric isle.