Relax & Unwind looking for a couple of dedicated players

Looking for players that can do 40k per week and not idle more than 20 hours without communicating. We are a diamond team that gets all perks and has fun! Not all chat but others make up for that! Not looking to move up leagues but want people that will help keep us where we are. Look us up if interested or send a message to Ute Bopp Thomas.

We would love to have you!

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I’m in a club now that just not enough people work together when it’s needed, i.e. the shovel game & helping with free coins, etc… I’m a daily dedicated to getting my bonuses every 20 min, playing to win bonuses etc. If you can send me the name of your club and maybe an invite too, I’d be happy to look you up and see if I want to join your team :grin: My name is Harmony Jacobson Thank you!