Refresh tributes by watching ads?

Why is this not available to everyone? I’ve gotten it once in the last 2 weeks, while others say they get them often

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If you watch all you ads for coins you with not get the watch option, you need to wait for renewal of ads/videos, then NOT watch them and then you should be able to use the watch to refresh tribs


Interesting! Thanks!

Yes there is if thetes no more tribute it gives you an option to either watch an ad or nuy chips or coins from your own remaining coins or buy.

This option for me seems to be off and on.
Iv noticed if I watch to refresh my tributes I have a hard time watching for the daily coins/wild card.
(Get pop up ads unavailable)
So Iv started watching my daily ads for wild card and rarely see it pop up for tributes now😢

I have never seen this option, some members of my club have but not me,

I hadn’t asked anyone else if they have the option but I noticed I can do it up until I’ve watched maximum ads for the day . I like it!

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I agree, I only watch ads until the wild card and save the rest for tribute refresh. Nice for earning perks