Red stars not working

No red stars has started. Still waiting

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Not working for me either, very annoying as we have a red star quest

Nope, mine’s not working either :frowning_face:

Me either. Not sure what is going on

Mine aren’t working either. Tried restarting several times, logged in and out and even deleted and reinstalled app. Nothing.

Same for me. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Hopefully they’ll be able to fix this glitch soon. :crossed_fingers:

In the meantime, I submitted a trouble ticket. You all should do that too, so they can see how widespread this is.


Hi, has anyone else’s Red Star Leaderboard not reset yet for this week? And to whom should our team report this to? Thank you.


I think we all have the same issue with rs! They need to fix it.

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I also submitted a ticket, another member of my team has also. It’s very annoying especially as a UK player as the day could be be over before they eventually sort it out.


My team has no read star leaderboard Iv submitted a help ticket threw the game, hope they fix it soon.

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We have a red star quest also. Take a screenshot of the leaderboard and another of your quest, send a ticket in, it will take longer because we are all having this issue, so expect to wait a few days for them to reply.


Iv closed my game out and waited a few seconds, they came back…
Most of my teams are back now to as they are doing the same thing.


Happened to me also. Came on at 3:30 a.m., & perk required red stars. Completed bonus quest & 2 dailies but saw no red stars. Didn’t get red stars 'til 12 hrs later. Club mates must hv had same problem coz perk expured uncompleted. :frowning:

I can tell you right now, sending them a trouble ticket about anything is useless. I think I’ve figured out what they typically do now. They have someone, like especially “Armani” (whom I think can’t read English) to send you the “form” email about doing Force Stop/reinstalling. If you respond, they email the form letter asking for a “screenshot” of your issue. …which in most complaints is ludricous.

Last time I complained that our team was getting “Play 95 games” for club quest every…other…time, and no Red Star quest for over a week. I was sent the 2 form letters listed above. Now I ask you, wth do they want me to send them a screenshot of exactly??? lmao

Yes it’s a pain, but from what I learned the more you reply the higher it escalates. I found it takes a few replies to get the ticket going.
I’m persistent