Red star week reset

Remember when we had to wait an hour to start the new week? Now it only takes 5 minutes to reset the new week. Love the processes they are making!

Hoping and anticipating when 5 minutes is all we need to wait to start earning red stars at the end of that week!


HI Cindylu. Have all your red stars reset? Some of mine haven’t…not sure how to get it sorted. Do you? :upside_down_face:

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@ZoeJayne_Haydock, I have had it tell me I hadn’t yet earned any, when I know I had. I tapped on the leaderboard icon, and could see that it showed how many I already earned. When I exited leaderboard, it then showed which red stars I earned.

I haven’t had them not reset before though. Maybe exiting the game completely, and see if it’s better when you go back in?


@ZoeJayne_Haydock, I have had it look like they didn’t reset on tiki island, but when I started playing, it fixed itself fairly quick and showed accurately which games I won with the correct red stars.


I’m not big into getting all the red stars, but want as many as I can get. I play at this time of night every night, and don’t like not getting ANY red stars while I play. I know that’s something they’ll fix, just hoping it’s soon!