Red star pirates!

So today I start with 3 stars. I apply one. Make sure it says 2 and the timer starts. Carry on play and no x2 in my red stars! So I do it again…working, until the final hour and GONE. So…just a loss or somewhere to complain.??

Wish I understood what you were saying. Sorry I can’t help.

Sorry I cannot try to assist you but I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying either.

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Contact support and let them know what happened

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@Carrie_Coleman-Rober, to report problems with the game, go to the Menu (top left corner in the game), then Help, then to the Contact us at the bottom of the screen.

I’m wondering if you were saying you didn’t get the x2 on the red stars after completing hands? If so, just want to make sure you know that you have to play hands that you have not already earned the red stars for that hand this week?

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