Red Star Booster

Not sure what just happened, but I played a Booster, then started playing, but then it disappeared - what the heck???


Do you mean the 3 hours went away?

Got one better was play on a red star booster on Monday and about a hour into it lost all my stars that I had won but my wins stilled show on the daily event.

So on the Leaderboard your stars were correct. I have had it look like the stars I won were not until I go into one of the games to verify, only to have it correct itself.

@Terbaer my star where gone from the leaderboard game but they where still showing on the different levels.

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@CKB-1, try clicking on one of those games. It is probably correct once you actually go into an individual game. If not, I would contact TriPeaks in the game. (top right icon, click help, then contact us).