Recruitment issues

What would be the issue if someone is invited to join our group but when they try to they get a message saying they have to be on a certain island to join but it won’t tell them what island??? And they have joined three other groups just to see if it would do the same, and of course it didn’t. Help!!!

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I think they did not read the entire message , or missed it , it would say requires eg. Penguin rock to be unlocked. You can go on their profile and see what island that person is at and change your island requirement setting lower than where they currently are at to require them to join


Ok so the requirement is on our team? And she sent me the message and there wasn’t any island listed at all just this: { } symbol

That’s odd… :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

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@Pcolyer, are you the leader or coleader? If so did you double check your club requirement for potential members to join?

In the clubhouse, under manage, the bottom of the pop up screen is island requirement