Recruiting players for new club

Hello! I am looking for at least 15 players who would like to build a new club with me. The rules I have in mind would be 3.000pts per day minimum, no 24 hour idle, 30 tributes per day, read chat. About the perks, my preference is to start from the 6th and try to finish it as quickly as possible so that we can easily win more levels with the golden tiki. Also, some players could go on the 1st and 2nd one so we can get some coins while we wait to complete the 6th.
I would like the club to be international, so everyone is welcome, even if you don’t speak English, and since I’m Italian, it would be a pleasure to have some Italian players with me.
I havent created the club yet, as I would like to find some interested players before; so, we could choose it together.