Recruiting 2 players urgent required !!!!!!

Hello all, we are recruiting some players around 35k points needed over 250 tributes must complete club quests! We get all 6 perks every week and when surprise perk is not too high we get that too as we are a great team and all chat with each other through the chat so also want people who talk etc. Also we are a platinum club as well been in there about 6weeks trying to move to diamond.
We want 2 players what can start from the start of tournament. If any interests please send the request over to sonnyandkelly that’s our club name! I’ll be accepting them Friday.

@Sonnyloveskelly, I saw that @Aurelia_Peressoni posted that she and her darling are looking for a club together.

Here is her post. If you are comfortable with translating, she might work for you.

Which translates to:
Hello, my darling and I are looking for an active club. We play daily. But we want to be in the same club and the places are not numerous. Do you have room for us?
I am currently in the club Tiki WPZ en
But there is no place for my darling

Yes if you can reach the requirements like 30k a week active daily we have 2 spots you both can take them up if active we called sonnyandkelly

Mermaid Lake has 2 openings

killin time has room if you are active TEAMPLAYERS