Rebuilding ...we need you☺

Hi! Co-leader here with Just For Fun. Don’t let the name fool you, we do have fun but we are also a team who wants to get things done. We’re working on rebuilding a strong team. Are currently at 14 players but are doing some weeding again. Rules are easy. Chat is a must if only to say hi & say when you’ve maxed, daily CQs, perks in order we have them, do the boat race but not much into the digging but can talk about it… Thanks for reading & let me know :relaxed:

Currently Gold League (forgot that earlier )

Edit we are now a team of 9 with Redhead1031, Mom & some other strong players leaving. Still working to rebuild & the players we have are good players

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Hi there,
What league are you? There are a lot of clubs with the same name.

Oops!! Knew there was something I forgot… Currently Gold League

If you post a screenshot of your club it will make it easier to find.

Thank you Tracy, never thought of that

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Ducky, I started off playing on your team and I appreciated the time I spent but I felt disconnected from the team or didn’t feel like it was a team, I then joined diamond Empire and now have become a co leader and I a am so involved almost to much, One thing that was and is important to me is the completion and the boat race it makes me feel like a teammate, maybe you should reconsider the game plan for the club, when I was in it was almost full. I have learned you need to keep at least 20 good or bad teammates or no one will join your team, at 14 your to low, once you rebuild you then can pick and chose. Wishing you the best and thanks for the start click on diamond Empire to see what we do, my name in the game is HotRod hope this helps your team

Thank you SO much for reaching out Hotrod. Sadly we are now a team of 9 truth be told. Some good players & some who we are hoping will improve. The team likes the boat race & works well as a team with it but the dig was a bit of trouble when we had so many qualifying but not digging or not working with the team. All that said I’m happy for you & your position on your team, sounds like a good fit for you. Thanks again for your words of encouragement

I would like to be a part of this team

I’m from team joy. We recently dropped from gold to stone but are on track to be gold again. We have 10 players and would love to have your team join us if interested.

I have been at the rebuilding stage.
The other player is correct seems.once a team is missing even 3 or 4 players people become reluctant.
What we did is allow guests to “fill spots” to be more of a full team. Our rule actually is no guest, or if they actually communicate, we ask them to change their name.
When you get a good player joining, then remove one. We had a better success rate.
Our rebuild took at least 6 months.
Best of luck

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We sound much like your team. We do well on the boat races and have recently been working great together on the digs. If want any more info let me know!

Sounds good @Lionessjess8 Come on over or if it would be easier, what team are you on & I’ll invite you

Thank you @Tracy. Biting my tongue about Guests & players joining, doing ok then idle 34hrs but need the bodies so not saying a word…for again,thanks for the advice

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Thanks @Swelbourne . right now the team really wants to stick it out here but you are more than welcome to come over