Reappearing players

I have a player that keeps returning after being removed for not following rules. I don’t know how they are doing when the club is invite only. Cam someone help?

I have the same problem

I think the player has appeared 3 times in my group and am wondering how that’s possible if I have it on invite only. And to top it off they still don’t contribute.

Late reply, I know. Sorry about that.
But I noticed that nobody responded with an actual answer.
Based on my experience as a club CoLeader, here’s a possibility:
It might be that others are welcoming them back? If the person asks to join, could it be a CoLeader who’s letting them in (I’m presuming you’re the Leader).


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How do you request to join a club not happy with current club no one is participating we never meet our challenges.

You search for a club in the Clubhouse where it says discover on top

You are more than welcome to join my club we have openings and are Platinum. We need strong players
EviL Villains

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That is a great reply to @Dgenel07 question, I would assume that would be the only possibility also.

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Hi! So you can find a club by experimenting or doing a little searching .Good luck!

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