re-enter my club on the board

I need help to get back into a club i am in. i pushed a button that took me out of the club that shows on the board. but i am still on the leadership page. and with my name on the board still it says to many membrs

@Cheryl1, did you accidentally Logout of the game in Tripeaks?

Try this: go into the game, tap on the Menu button (to left corner), and if it says Login, then chances are, that’s what happen. Tap that. Crossing my fingers for you!

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You may be seeing the leaderboard. That is not your club. You need to go to discover clubs, type your clubs name in and request to rejoin. Unless you are fb friends with someone on the team, they could help you rejoin.

are we suppose to have a little clubhouse in the bottom left corner? I have leaderboard and that’s it. but everything else is working and I can accept club rewards.

The club icon should be on the bottom right corner. The leaderboard icon is on the bottom left.

Did you check to see if you accidentally logged out?

While you were out of the club someone could of joined and if there are 25 players on there it won’t let you re join because the club is at its limit

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