Rapidly growing group recruiting

#pickled is actively recruiting. Newer team . gold level . Newbies: no guest ,500 coin , 5 tributes , click the gift BEFORE you idle. After that play daily,click the gift, get tributes, play the club quest, use chat ,watch the bullentin board. This week we made 5 perks. We are working hard . Trying to grow. We have a good base team now with very active leaders! #pickled come on over and give us a try

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I’m currently in a group but myself and another player are the only contributors. I would love to be in a group with more activity.

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Melanie, please join “Coffee First”!

Outcast Legends is rebuilding our team. We dropped to diamond this week with member turnover, but are climbing back to legend status. We have room for a lot of serious players, including potential co-leaders. We also have a rest team for breaks when needed.

5k before rest
400 tributes week

Come join us!

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