Rainbow Skittle Looking for Future Coleaders

Ever been in a club where the members have known each other from the beginning and wished you could have been one of the founding members? Well here’s your chance!

We are a team composed of Legend players. We want to create a club that is all about equality within its members. Our path to coleader is at least 250k in club points, consistent help with volcano, always completing trib quests and 80% or better on other quests.

Currently our perks are in order, but as soon as we have enough members, perk 6 will be our first one.

We are open to the public right now(except on Thursdays)and welcome you to stop by and visit!

My kind of club… currently in at 47000… 310 tributes and I could play more… if you have an opening let me know… I will sign up

Jaymac is my sn send an invite or message me here

I’m not in that club anymore. My current club will be looking for people at reset. “Heaven Sent”