Quitting Boat Race

My club is quitting the Boat Races. These guys stopped the Grab n Go for Streak Doublers, so now no-one can afford to max their races. Third place is best sedan get & rewards are not equal to the cost we still put in. Just another ripoff.


I have to agree with you the boat race is not worth it. Some of our team plays it and that’s it.

I agree. They need to bring back ways for us to earn streak doublers and not have to buy them! I also don’t think they are matching the number of players in each team very good. Our team always plays yet we are hundreds of points behind 1st place. Should be pretty equal if all boats have the same number of players.

I have given up on the race. Some of my team continues to play but then I feel they have no resources to help with anything else. we rarely get past 3rd place with everyone giving it their all. I don’t care for the way they will pair a gold team up against a platinum team or higher. Players on higher teams typically have way more resources than a gold team so it’s impossible to compete with them. Maybe my team
Isn’t playing correctly, I don’t know. Seems simple, just make sure you’re defended against obstacles and travel, right?

Now we get the same teams every week. How can you get duplicates when there are thousands of clubs?