Quests You Skip

I usually skip doing the Play 12 games in ___________ for a certain amount of points. Mine are usually 8000 or 14000 points. Those never include tributes and if you happen to play the scavenger hunt, none of those either. They are a waste of time and coins. Maybe if people will list their least favorite quests, changes will get made to feature new ones.

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That’s my least favorite too. I’m also not particularly fond of the win 33 aces/kings etc for some trivial prize.

Those two are not so bad. A lady on here gave the suggestion of playing the 100 point games over and over to gather them. Not a bad idea.

Yes. That’s a good way to win the quest but it does divert from red stars and club point accumulation pretty significantly and that’s something that for me I really hate to do precisely because that particular quest sucks up so much time.

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Wow you get quests that give you 14000 coins? Mine are mostly 3000-5000 and lately the ones that are for the club are only paying out 2000!

The 14,000 point quests are usually club quests that need 15 or more players.