QUESTIONS From club players

Thank you for having me ,
I actually have 3 comments .

#1 - I think GSN should change the treasure shrine , why are " Guests" allowed to play the treasure shrine ? I think that should only be for players with teams or considering a new team .( So many members feels this is unfair )

#2- Does anyone have a solid breakdown on how many club points are needed to complete each perk . I think that is important for a club so they can make better decisions can be on Stragedies throughout the weekly sets.

#3 Also I think the 60 k in coins from friends should be raised per friend or made as a unlimiteless perk we can use , especially so many new teams that are trying to get into the higher ranking have a better chance . And most of us after playing perks 6 & 5 , players are cleaned out of coins and have too wait until the following day to start playing again , that is precious time a club needs to continue going to another perk …IE… Some players cannot buy coins , special cards throughout the whole month .

These are just some questions , I hope we can see some changes in that would benefit ALL the clubs .


Hi @Cynthia_Middleton, I dont see any reason a Guest cant play. Maybe they dont want their name out there.
there is a breakdown to how many points are needed for each perk, if I can find it again, I will share with you.
As far as coins go after playing 5 & 6, my club does a bank Week about once a month. Maybe ask your Leaders if they would be up for that. You can collect up to a million coins during bank week, also if you do play (to keep Volcano cooled) dont use any Boosters. Best of Luck to you


Perks fluctuate, but generally here is a close breakdown
15 k
150 k
300-400 k
It depends what the perks include wilds will be worth more, and perk 7 now has the amount required 85k- 1million k. So generally the minimum is 575k to complete perks 1-6. It could go to 675k


I found the list by using the search icon and typed points per perk. This is pretty close. I like your ideas, it guests can be in clubs, so they have every right to play the shrine. Our clubs will not allow guests in, but if you search clubs, you will see many with guests.

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Hi Beachglass66, please , what is Bank Week?

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@Mango, Its where you dont play for a week and just collect coins and boosters. If you do play, dont use any of your Boosters.


I’m still confused on how to figure out the amount. Say the first would be easy to do.but do you just figure from that amount for the 2nd perk. I would like to be able to tell the members how many points are needed. I hope you understand my question. not good at figuring out stuff like this. And new at it also

Hope this helps @Princess48

Please Add Points it Takes to Complete Each Perk