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Every so often, we manage to get The Big Kahuna to step outside the curtain and take some questions from the players!

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I guessing you have answered my 1st question, Iv always wondered what the frogs name was on Big barrier reef…(I love when you tap him and his eyes open gets me every time, Iv gotta do it at least 2a

I’d like to know when the date was the game first came out?

(Iv seen players post 10yrs ago they started, but that seems wrong with the last player spotlight saying she’s been playing for 6 and pretty much started when it came out)


I love this game and play daily. I’m curious what your favorite level is? My favorite levels are in Glowing Grotto because I love watching the background, it’s mesmerizing. :grinning:


I want to know if you are doing away with the Facebook page that offers some little ditty for the day and announces top teams and gives you coins or boosters?


I would like to know who thought it was a good idea to change the way we ask friends for coins. Some of us work and have families to take care of! We don’t have time to log in every 4 hours to ask for coins! A lot of people feel the same way BAD IDEA!


I would like to know what will happen to the pending FB coins when we make the change to the new friends thing? I love this idea and not having to like someone on FB to get coins but do have some concerns. Another one is, is there any way we could just send the requests out all at once? Even if we didn’t get 60,000 all at once, I think this would calm a lot of players down. Thank you for your time, :slightly_smiling_face:.


I would like to know why THANKS is not an automatic when someone opens a club gift.
**do away with the button, and send thanks regardless to purchaser…
(Iv had it glitch and not even get to see my box content or the option to say thanks)
People pay cash for those and the least they can get the full coin return
Edit-happened today again to a member of my club…:frowning:


This is a great idea!!!


I am so “observant” I had no idea the frog did anything, :joy:.


I totally agree with this comment about gift boxes. Too many times rewards are not given because the exit button is hit instead of the Thanks button.


Here is a thought for the Shrine Big Kahuna…
Why don’t you guys maybe get rid of the Medalon slot. Replace it or add a Volcano card. Keep the Wild slot.
Change the coins to at least 3,000 not 2,000. Keep the Free slot its good. . Also when you hit the one you can win a Trap or a Bomb. I don’t actually ever see the Wave or Defrosters or Shark cards So switch it up a little bit more. Maybe a slot with being able to win a Streak Doubler or RS.
I think the ideas I just put out there might make the game a little more enjoyable. And we can have more variety…So what do you have to say to my ideas Big Kahuna. Got it ??
1 Get rid of Medalon
2 Add a Volcano Card
3 Keep the Wild Card
4 Make the coin amount increase to at least 3,000
5 Keep the Free space
6 Make a slot good for winning A
Trap_ Bomb_ Shark_ Wave_ Defroster. I seem to only get Traps or Bombs. Change it up a little more.
7 Give out Streak Doublers or RS
I think some of these could be useful.
I hope you liked my ideas.
Thanks Big Kahuna
Princess 48


Why is it when you are rated on the leaderboards gold, you are playing against top rated players from the legend and diamond leagues? Discovered this boondoggle while trying to recruit new members for my team. Please explain


What actually moves the perk meter? Is it the club points or is it the actual number of tributes?


Hi, Big Kahuna! First, I want to tell you that I LOVE THIS GAME!!! I’m completely Tri-dicted & I’m loving every minute of it! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I have two questions, actually:
#1: How do you search for specific friends in the new Friend Center? I see refreshable suggestions that the game selects for me, but can’t search for specific people. I need a search bar or some instruction on what I’m missing. Please help! As your team is so fond of telling us, the clock is ticking on this one :wink:
#2: Is there a way for us to change the name of our club? Can we edit it somewhere? If so, where? If not, can you plz allow us access to do so, sometime in the very near future? :pray:t2::blush:
Thank you for your time & for creating & maintaining an absolutely fantastic & frustrating, completely diverting, roller-coaster-ride-of-a-game! I definitely appreciate you & everyone at TriPeaks for making me smile, growl, laugh, yell at & ALMOST throw my phone on a daily basis :clap::+1::kissing_heart:


@Marcyc79 if you know what club they are in search the club, view it, find your friend, click there portrait and it will say recommend club or friend. You hit friend :slight_smile:


Ok, Big Kahuna, how many points is each perk level? My team has been struggling to clear level 6, but none of us knows how much it takes to clear a level. I humbly await your answer, oh Great One.


BIG KAHUNA will you tell me what level gives you most points and coins​:question::question::question:


What’s the best strategy for games to play when you’ve reached the end of available games… other than “expert” games. I play expert so I can still earn gold stars for gold star bonuses… but for volume plays for suits or specific cards quests, I play some of the beginner games. Thoughts?


How as a leader did a member deleted me just cause I was far and didn’t let her run the whole thing and delete people for stupid time limits … I just wanted everyone to enjoy the game so many left and stopped completely playing since Marilyn schmalz I haven’t :honeybee: my best but lost phone and internet using barely there wifi from down way… I love this game but to anyone it should be she or anyone not happy leai but to destroy what I’d played for few years I have been trying to get past it but no … right is. Right and wrong ,( as she 100%) always is please let me know why

I am having problems coordinating storing flowers & etc & having to play more to replace the flower content. Any secrets or how to do it without having to play the previous scenes to make up the flower contact?