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  1. Rewards for top 3 players in club at event end.
  2. Luau or something like it for EVERYONE!
  3. Re-establish multiple devices. People can still ‘share’ their account with others so that the account is being played virtually 24 hours/day. Multiple devices isn’t cheating… some devices offer features that other devices do not; thus, multiple devices seems to level the playing field.
  4. Update daily quests; make them worth playing for. Earning 18k for one booster is lame and not worth working for:
  5. Perk rewards have become, well, less than great. Your players are loyal; make the game fun!!
  6. We are in dire need of a new island… one like tiki seas where at least you can earn something extra (coins or wilds via totems). The game is becoming monotonous and with all the glitches and decline of rewards (but increase in extra coins and ridiculous $50 gift boxes) you can’t be surprised that so many have left.
  7. Make it possible for the leaders to reward their team members if they so desire. Even if it’s one or two ‘rewards’ per week… let the leaders have something to give more incentive. This helps GSN keep players as well.
  8. Remember, happy players stay players for YOUR game. Unhappy players leave and find another game site they will inevitably spend they money on. So it’s good business to keep us happy and wanting more.

I hardly play the daily requests now. They cost so much more than the gains. I think a daily bonus for playing each day and the a better one on day 5 or something similar would be good. Maybe give us a booster each day instead of the one free play I get everyday.

I feel there shouldn’t be a limit of any kind when it comes to exchanging coins with friends. I feel that is unfair


Please make the Luau & Kahuna rewards available to everyone.


A special reward for the top 3 contributors would be a great incentive for players to try and reach top 3 on their team instead of it always being the same players.


I don’t want the multiple devices at one time rule back. If you want to use them, fine, but do it one at a time and not have 5 or 6 people playing on one account. That changes the whole team dynamics to much more than 25 players.
Other than that I think you are right on!

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I agree with not having multiple people play on one account, but people continue to do that anyway… so ‘they’ are playing 24 hours.

Could the daily 30 minutes “free play” have a way for me to pick when I use it? I logged in this morning real quick - and couldn’t play then so I lost the time. Thanks!


Heres a great idea why dont you set every team up with daily bonus coins in which each ream can receive daily ? Each team can give and receive daily coins from one another .people would be rewarded for daily plays

IE.,the names of each team member is at the bottom of the screen and in a seperate box per team member when you start your game you click on your box n receive a daily bonus of 3,000.00 coins

You can interact with your teammate in a chat box and ask eachother for bonus your teammates actually feel like a team club member after all theres no “Me” in team!!!its " US"

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Bring back club quest

Can you let leaders open the club gift for those who seem to have no clue! No matter how many times you tell them in the chat!

We need opportunities for more free coins!

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It would be nice if each perk depending on level, that team was awarded coins as soon it was finished. Add red and black bonus cards more often offer a way to create your own custom pkg deal lol

How about team leagues - like the red star ones. We are a new team (Mar 2018) and we all have jobs, families, etc and most likely will never get into the top 10 for the rewards they get - heck we struggle to stay in the 500-700 range. BUT if you set up leagues - we could advance up the ranks!

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I don,t know if I have a glitch or if this is the way it is: when someone on my team gives me a gift box, it doesn,t tell me their name. Others on my team are complaint that there is no place to say thank you. I know that is a glitch!
Very happy to have double coins for giving the gift to my club.

Please allow more than 20 people to get coins off , I give out more than I receive in a day x

I hardly play anymore.

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