Questions about clubs

Hello…I’ve noticed the club I’m in only has 10 active players. Most haven’t played for weeks or months. I like to play every day but sometimes run out of coins so I have to build up again, but I try to contribute even as I’m rebuilding. What does it mean in the club description 3k before idle? Is that club points? It also says I lose all my club points if I change clubs. Is that bad? I’d like find a club that’s not crazy competitive and fun. Thanks!


3K before idle means you need that many points before going idle. If you leave your club in the middle of the week, the club will lose the points you earned while in that club. You take points with you but not the club points. You will earn those with your new club.

As for another club, we need a new player. We ask 21K per week. If you need to be gone, just let is know, so we don’t remove you for not playing. We are understanding to family and life things, as we all have them. The club name is Lee!

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You take your coins with you but no points…when you join a new club you will start at zero points. There are tons of clubs out there with 25 players. Find a new one that is active and fits your style of play. Good luck!

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Yes. The 3k is club points. And yes if you change clubs you do lose the points you had in previous club.

If you would like a club that is fun you can try Bonus76.

The 3k points before idle is intended for new players. When you join a club, they don’t want someone joining then going idle. They want you to meet their minimum of 3,000 points, then you can take a break.