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Hi. I’m a new player, started playing a couple of months ago in may '19 and I’ve read some of your posts. I’m just curious, as a member of a top 10 legend team on sabbatical, generally speaking, how do you guys acquire so many club points? I’ve read somewhere that a guy can average 7k club points an hour (my best was 4249 with a 44k coin deficit that included buying 7 sets of tributes at 3k a piece) but even at that rate it doesn’t appear to allow for very much sleep.

Is it a matter of:

  1. playing the same few games over and over again? But that doesn’t account for the thousands of red stars some players have.
  2. goings nuts with tributes? Some players have less than me.
  3. using an inordinate amount of coins and boosters? Ok but doesnt this method run out eventually due to funding?

Or some combination of the 3 or other factors I neglected to mention. I can perhaps see its if I save for months to make a run at it for a week, but to do it day in and day out, amazing/crazy.

Thanks in advance for any illumination you can provide, if you choose to do so.


@Ff2017 I didn’t see @Papillon tagged and not sure that they would see your question. I am also curious.

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One help is actually working your way up to a top team. Mine is 80k minimum per week. In a top team, with players getting high scores, you will always win all chests and many gems…and even though the club quests are harder, they give better rewards (150 red stars each, win 40 games each, play 95 games and get 4,000 club points each). So, if the club quests are done as quickly as possible, you get another to work on faster to get more rewards. 2 typical rewards are 6 free plays or 22,000 coins each player.

On a top team, you will get perk 6 first…sometimes as early as about 1 or 2pm Friday. Tiki card HUGE help. However, need to get 14k club points minimum each player to get it. It takes many hours dedication to get those points. And they keep making the hands harder to win (cards are not random, no matter what they may tell you), which is one of the reasons why I’m on sabbatical.

I’ve been in here about 3 years, and I guarantee you, the games have become increasingly difficult to the point of being absurd. Watch your hands and notice how many times multiples of the same cards keep popping up, like tons of 5’s and 7’s. And another day may be tons of 10’s. Judge for yourself, but they are ruining this game. People don’t like playing if they’re going to lose 90% of the time. It’s starting to remind me of gambling houses where they stack the games in their favor. Try playing with a deck of cards and see if you don’t win more often than in here.

If someone can get 7k points in an hour, he probably has tons of coins, etc. and is pushing the wins. One hint, try not to push trib games by buying more cards. Cheaper to just buy more tribs


Thank you for your answer! So really there is no special secret, it’s all about putting in the time then. Great, one thing I like about this game is that every Friday morning, No matter what you have everyone starts off the same and every player essentially has the same set of things to work with, some more than others of course.

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Some days it almost seems like intuitive playing. Everything flows. Other times…the opposite. I don’t care what quests are pending. If every game on varied levels repeatedly leaves me with one card left, I put my phone down and stop playing. The payout for a top team sounds attractive, but I’m in a club that’s got a great balance (I think), It expects daily log in, communication, participation and contribution - but not your life - and it has an active and super leader. I don’t have a ton of $ to spend on stuff nor do I have 4 hours/day. If that’s what a top team requires, especially with the changes people like you, Papillion, speak of, no thanks. I’ll stay where I am. (or go back to working my way through free cell sequentially - now there’s a futile goal LOL)

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