Question about save data sync

So I logged into facebook on a new phone, but my old phone has my current save data.

If I try to login to facebook on my old phone to sync my data will it instead get replaced with the new data from the new phone? Meaning I’ll have to start all over again.

@CindyLu is super helpful.
Was your game on the old device linked to your Facebook account? If it is, make sure you sign into that Facebook account than load the game

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Thank you @Tracy. @Josh313, I’m wondering the same thing. Were you logged into FB on your old device?

Each FB account only gets one TriPeaks log in. If your old device wasn’t logged into FB before, you can create a new FB, and log your old account into your new FB.

If, your old phone was never logged into FB before… but you logged into FB on your new phone first, then into your FB account on your old phone, that might be your (only) saved account (now). Sorry about that.

This looks confusing, even to me. I hope you can decipher.