Question about new champ club..

hello, solitary team :wink:
I have a question…
I finished first of my team but I don’t see the notification
1x champ club under my name…

Does anyone had the same problem ?

and i would like to know…
what about the champ chest …?


No one one my team received a chest, just the crowns from what I understand the chest is sometimes offered, I’ll have to read the news part again, I believe the chest is offered when there is a champ competition

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I didn’t get a crown, or had the verbiage “lx Club Champ”, after my club title, nor did any of us get the bonus champ chest they spoke of.

Update (Clarification 10/11 from FB):

I also finished first and did not get crown or 1x champ after my name. The other 2 players are showing these. I have contacted support but have not heard back yet.

Did you open your tournament prizes? Mine showed up after I opened those.

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Yes, I have. Everything has been opened and collected. I ran an update on Friday, wondering if that had anything to do with it.

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That could be the issue. Hopefully they fix it for you soon!

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Received a reply from Support. It wasn’t very helpful, it did not address my specific account, only a form reply outlining Club MVP info we already know. It did say to make sure you had latest update. Maybe I didn’t receive crown because I did update after collecting event rewards. Oh well, I should be an MVP this event, I’ll see what happens.

Hi Meg,

Thank you for contacting Tripeaks support team.

With Club MVP the top three players in Clubs will be recognized each week with a crown on their portrait. During the SPECIAL event weeks, the top three players in each Platinum, Diamond, and Legend League will have the chance to earn prizes along with the title of Club Champ and the remaining league members will be recognized only with a Crown.

Note 1: Once you collect your Perk Celebration from your inbox, your Crown will appear on your portrait.

Note 2: Please ensure your game app is updated to the latest version to benefit from this feature.

To know more about Club MVP please refer the below link:

Feel free to write back to us if you need any further assistance.

Thank you,


That’s lame. Club champs should always get something. They work so hard to carry the club thru perks, that they are deserving of some bonus at least every week.

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Same here I got 2nd but no crown no help form tripeaks

i had the same problem

Wow almost 90 days and tripeaks players have not seen a SPECIAL week rewards for champs yet :thinking:
Dang 90 days is getting to be a regular number…
Friends test has been running for more then 90
My glitches have not got better in the last 90
I think tripeaks is changing and testing toooo many things at once

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