Quest completion

Let every member hit the quest alert so we know who actually finishes the quest! That way we know who does and doesn’t finish quest.


If a member finished the quest in our team They let us know by saying MAXED in the chat

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That’s what we do in our club too :slight_smile:

We do the same in my club. I have a better suggestion. Instead of having a check box for whom has clicked on the club gift, make that be an automatic check when a member has maxed on the club quest. That’s the only way to know for sure who has maxed. I had a couple players say in chat that they maxed when I know 100% that they did NOT. Pls consider this. We don’t really care who clicked on club gift. Thx


That’s a great idea. I get frustrated when I have hit my max, yet our club still doesn’t earn the quest. I’m sure it’s the low points slackers who are the issue, but I’d really like to proof.

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I agree with Dana! Having my co-leaders track chat replies and points to see who’s slacking is a waste of their time! They have more important concerns to worry about. Having you supply team leaders with the facts would be an excellent help!