Purole Diamonds

Purple Diamonds is looking for new members😀 If you play daily help with club quest do not jump perks and like a chat then we are the club for you. Please come join us

Hey, how many chests do you usually get? My team went from 6or 7 to 3. I have tried to be loyal but it is getting tiresome. I am in Sunshin (no e) we are in gold and right now number 11 I think.

We are gold league currently getting 4/5 chests but we have the potential to do better with a full team

How do you request a move?

If you go too clubhouse and click on discover clubs you can search purple diamonds and ask too join once accepted you will leave your current club and come too ours.

I am kind of in a panic! I don’t know what happened to my tripeaks solitaire, but I am back to day one. I don’t have my coins I don’t have anything that I had, I don’t have the contact with the club, nothing. I’m just kind of in a panic. I have a troubleshooter thing into the game.

What is the Facebook name?

Don’t panic I have just viewed the team and you are still there. I will pop a note on saying you are having technical difficulties and not too remove you if you go past idle time.

Thanks. Technical says it could be 96 hours. :roll_eyes:

Thanks for the update I have put you down as a do not remove so don’t worry you will not lose your place

I never play on my iPad but for some reason it is ok. :woman_shrugging:t2: So until I get my phone back on I will use my iPad to play. Thanks for the