Purchasing from club shop with coins

I would love to be able to make purchases in the club shop with coins, as well as gems.


Agree, nd send to another player too…


I also would like to be able to use coins for purchases. Great idea!

This is a great idea. Also, to gift some coins to other members of our team.

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I’ve often wished I could send red star boosters, or other gifts to teammates for their birthday, or just because they need it! I would gladly pay $5 for a gift, but coins would be even better! :smile:


As leaders and co-leaders, we have discussed many times how we would love to be able to share our coins with team members who need them! We have earned them, would like to spend/gift them as we see fit!


Agree! I also think you should be able to buy wilds and volcanos with coins, not just $$. If you can buy a booster with coins, why not a wild?

@DocTor, I don’t think you can even buy boosters with coins. I have been wrong before though! If I am please tell me where I can do this :slight_smile:

Click on the booster, and you’ll see it costs $6000 coins. You can buy them before the game begins or while playing.

I think that’d be great

If you don’t have any boosters to use that round just click on eg. Shark hook and it is 6000 coins to use

I love that idea, then we would have the option of money or coins!