Public and Invites

If my club is set as Public and has all 25 members, will I still get requests to join in my inbox? Also, if set as Public with all 25 members and I send out Invites, if someone was interested in joining, will I be notified in my inbox?

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No you only see the requests in your inbox when your club is set to invite only. If you send an invite to someone and your club is full they won’t be able to get in and you will not be notified. Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


if you’re the leader you’ll see it.i wouldn’t post if you’re full

Where would you type the @name at? I am a leader & the only messages I get is If someone wants to join the team that was not invited. If there is a way to communicate or see if a person that has been invited is trying to get in a full room, I would also like to know that. :blush:

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