Promoting leader by accident

How can I get my leader status back after my screen jumped while making someone a co leader? I’ve had the club forever & apparently this member isn’t reading chat or notes…ugh

Sorry to hear this, I’m not sure you can if that person is not willing to give it back,


That new leader would have to make you leader again, wishing you luck

Are you now a co leader?
If yes,I think you can drop her from the team, not sure.

I had the same problem 1x tripeaks couldn’t help me. Her name I called everyday telling her I made a mistake and how to fix it after 3 months she finally said I read chat because I said I guess she doesn’t even read chat how is she supposed to lead a team. You just have to call their name and say you made a mistake trying to promote them to co leader not leader

I am a co-leader and once looked into removing another co-leader but I was unable to, only the leader can. You can only remove members. Seems like the only thing you can do is keep at her to do the right thing, if she is not reading chat, not a lot you can do. Sounds like someone who needs to be removed if you ever get your position back.