Problem with club tournaments

My game hasn’t added the club tournaments. I have reinstalled it and searched for updates but nothing :frowning:
Is anyone else having this problem?

@Kirsty_Mc, are you using a Kindle by chance? The update isn’t available for Kindle yet. If that’s the case, your club is has the tournament, just you can’t see it yet.

If that’s not the case, report it to player services. In the game, tap on Menu (top left corner, then Help, then Contact us at the bottom of the screen.

Have you tried updating your device :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Everyone on my team except our beloved leader has not received our winnings. Help tickets sent :disappointed_relieved: I know it’s a glitch. I can’t speak for everyone but my game was updated on Friday, but Android pushed the update about an hour after I went in to collect

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