Private chatting with Leader or members

I would love to be able to chat privately with my leader or a club member in addition to chatting with the whole group.


Me to I would like to know if they could put an auto play button on the medallion game I spend a bit but by the time I’m finished I don’t want to play as long if you could like have some sort of auto play it would be much better


Have you considered Messenger?

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It’s difficult when you have existing members that either don’t have a fb acct and/or are unwilling to create/share that info with your club. Once they do, you can msg them directly. In the future, I won’t accept any player who I can not contact directly. (I only have one player I can not msg, but if in the future it will be zero)


KOvette - that’s the problem we have faced too. If team members have messenger, you have to switch between the game and messenger to communicate. Then, several team members either don’t have or don’t want to share FB info in order to be friends and communicate through messenger. That’s why I would love to be able to privately chat with specific team members in the game - and not just the whole group.


It’s a great idea & I fully support it. I play the game on my iPad, then use my iPhone to msg club members.


I think at the very least there should be a way to send a message to a players inbox, if they can’t do chat.


I totally agree! I would love to chat with players privately. I have 5 members that are “silent” they don’t chat. I have one player, “Guest”who has been in my club since we started 2 years ago. Complete stranger! Another player refuses to join FB cuz of drama. I started a club page on FB, Tiki Ohana TriPeaks Solitaire in hopes all would join but nope! If I could have it my way everyone would be. I too have my cell in one hand and my iPad in my lap. Club notes are helpful but not the same or enough! Private chat a must!


Too late to bump this to the top? This just came up in our club the other day. Seems like it would be a good feature to add outside of FB (I have a FB account, but I am generally reluctant to add it to games I play).