PP Casual needs Daily players

PP Casual is looking for daily players. We are usually platinum but occasionally go to gold. Our minimum is 15k and we require help with club quests and tribute play. We have a 24 hr idle but know life gets in the way. Just let us know. Communication is key. competition is optional. Some play some don’t. We are revamping and could use 4-5 players right now.

Are you still looking for new players? I play daily and would like to join a nice club. I help with the club quests and tributes. Love this game. If you are still looking for new players please send an invite to me. Thank you. Have a good day!!!

yes Jody we are still looking. I would need to know what team you are on now to send an invite. We’d love to have you. Or you can look for PP Casual and ask to join. Hope to see you soon.

I’m with the Daily Players Club. Is it ok if I start after the end of the week?? Thank you so much.

there are lots of teams named Daily Players. I can’t find you

still looking for players

I’ve been trying to find you too. I need to get out of this club. They dont even talk to each other. Ughhh.

I would like to join, I usually play mornings and then come back evenings. I made leader 3 times, I love the game

please search for PP Casual we are the only ones. Ask to join we are invite only

Hi, I play daily, I get 350+ tributes weekly, 200+ shares weekly, I only play competition digs if club has fulfilled perk 6 so we have gold tiki going in, (I think the digs are coin stealers from daily quests) I use chat, I like jokes, I don’t want to spend a lot of money but will if team needs it.

Patricia we would love to have you. Search PP Casual we are public right now.