Power ups we have no clue what they are how to use them

What is this new power up no one knows what is going on some explanation on your Facebook page might help us. Thank you



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It’s another way of earning extra boosters by completing the club quest, some I do, some I don’t. You get to choose which of the boosters you want to use [could be one or a combination]. I tried streak prefill and extra stacks of card; it will start you with 1 streak and add the extra cards before you play. The only drawback is the graphic before you play, in my opion.


Actually, it’s not club quests but the personal quests. You get a part of the totem for every daily personal quest you complete.


@Papillon Yes, you are absolutely right, it’s the daily quest, that is what I meant to say. Thank you for the correction.

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And what about the “Black Tiki” card? What is it used for?

Clears out black suits


I agree, I like the concept but don’t need to flash POWERUPS ACTIVATED before each new game


Agree that is annoying! And takes away those precious few seconds :roll_eyes::rofl:


Also, you can check your inbox, “news” tab. All the Roku info is there :blush:

You guys are lucky :slight_smile: I never got that feature. Am I missing an update or something? How do I unlock it?

It’s currently in the test phase by selected players; depending how that goes and for how long will determine whether or not it will be pushed out to the rest of the players.

Any chance we could at least have some of those boosters if adding that functionality is not an option? Just the boosters that you may get when you finish the quest or inside the chest?

You can certaintainly give your feedback to Solitaire TriPeaks support through the game, as this is just a forum.

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I agree, you lose game time